Thursday, June 7, 2007

Fun with Plotting

I love to plot.

I find the actual writing really hard work and the revisions even harder. But, plotting - LOVE it.

This week, while pondering and working on my revisions, I completed character charts and plotted out a romantic suspense. I like it and I want to write it.

Last weekend at our RWA chapter meeting, Christine did a fun workshop on characterization. While working on my characters I discovered a whole book - complete with GMC, dead bodies and hot cops.

However, I've learned from experience that the thrill of creation only lasts until I've written 1-3 chapters and then the hard work sets in and I want to ditch the book for another great idea. So, I put my ideas away and went back to picking apart my current ms.

But, it was fun to take a break from the tedium of revisions and plot something new.


MyUtopia said...

That's great! I have to write for a living and it has killed my creative writing spark.

annette said...

I'm not a plotter but I've done the same thing. I'd get an idea, write the first chapter or so and then abandon it and start another idea. I did this several times before settling on the idea I'm currently writing.

So, good for you for resisting the urge to write this new story. However, soon your revisions will be done and you can start writing this new one. :-)

Kelly said...

I ended up with a new book idea from that session too. And I'm with you - I looooove plotting!!

Christine said...

I'm the oppostie, I don't like to plot. It's gotten me in trouble a few times, but for me I'm better off just sitting down and seeing what comes out. As long as I know my characters I can usually get through. Part of the fun for me is seeing where the characters will take me.

I'm glad you enjoyed the workshop!

Ava Rose Johnson said...

I'm totally different. I can't plot, I start out with a very basic idea and work with that. I love the feeling as the plot twists on its own

julia said...

I will stand up proudly and say, I'm Julia and I'm a Pantser. Sometimes I need to work on things but it's rarely on paper. It only works if it's in my head. But it doesn't mean that new tips I pick up can't become integrated into my thinking. I've got an insatiable appetite for new techniques. All the more ammo for my staring-off-into-space events.