Monday, August 13, 2007


I lost 20lbs! I've been hauling those extra pounds around for quite awhile. Losing 10-12 lbs, gaining it back, losing it again...

I bought shorts in a smaller size at the start of the summer and they're already too large. My favourite black pants are falling off me and have to be replaced. The blood pressure is staying down, the bad hip isn't bothering me and I can actually look at myself in a store mirror while trying on clothes without cringing. I still have 10lbs to go before my BMI hits a healthy 25 so that will be my goal over the next couple of months. I'll change my little tracker down below once I've enjoyed the accomplishment a little.

I've had some strange reactions from my family this past week. My mother, who is usually very supportive told me I'd lost enough weight. My oldest daughter, who is underweight, has brought me home McDonald's food and baked cookies this week. I don't want to stop her from eating whatever she wants, since she could stand to gain weight but I'm not sure what she's communicating to me. My youngest, who shares my weight issues, told me that mothers weren't supposed to me skinny. I understand because when I was 12 I wore several sizes larger than my mother - and somehow that just made me feel worse. I eventually lost 40lbs when I was eighteen thanks to my mother's support. She took the Weight Watchers plan grocery shopping and cooked all WW meals for me. She even put my overweight father on it and he lost 30 lbs.

I kept the weight off throughout my twenties and thirties but as I hit forty, and had to take medication that had weight gain as a side effect, my weight crept up beyond what I'd been when I was pregnant! I think I used the medication as an excuse to eat. I've decreased the medication to a much smaller amount and that's helped the weight loss.

I don't want to be as skinny as I was before the kids, I might've taken the dieting thing a little too far and I was also running a lot back then. Maybe this is what my kids are afraid of. They see pictures and they don't even recognize me.

A nice healthy weight is what I'm striving for this time.


annette said...

Congratulations!! That's fantastic. :-) You're motivating me to join WW. Probably in the fall.

Christine d'Abo said...

Congratulations, Anne!! You have to do what is best for you. I know when I was home exercising everyday, I got down to 160lbs. Now when you're as tall as I am, that's a pretty good weight. Everyone kept telling me I was too skinny! But man, I felt great about myself.

Getting healthy and staying healthy is the best goal there is. Good for you for reaching it!

Kelly said...

Good for you, Anne!! I hear you on the last 10 lbs. They're always the hardest but you can do it. I've heard people react strangely when someone they know loses a chunk of weight, but that usually has nothing to do with the person losing and more to do with their own perceptions and insecurities. I think sometimes they're afraid the change in weight will mean a change in personality, or they fear change...who knows. I say - don't worry about it. They'll get use to the new svelte you in no time! And if you're happier, they'll be happy for you once they adjust to the change.

julia said...

I'm with Kelly - take their reactions in stride and stick to your happy, happy, joy, joy. My friend finally lost the last of her pregnancy weight a few years ago and people were saying, 'she's getting too skinny.' But really all she did was return to normal - they'd just gotten used to her at the slightly larger weight.

Annie Mac said...

Thanks for the cheers everyone.