Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Party Time

The kids are back to school! Yeah!

I surprised myself by feeling a little sad this morning when I dropped my youngest off at Middle School. It's her last year there.

And it's my oldest's final year in High School, then she's off to University. She's planning on attending one of the University's in Halifax so it won't be too traumatic. Grade 12 was a fabulous year for me so I hope it is for her to.

A big school year for both girls. Hope they enjoy it.


annette said...

I felt the same way this morning. Our oldest started high school. Makes you wonder where the years went.

Annie Mac said...

Annette, High School is a whole new ball game. CPA is not like MSMS.

annette said...

Really? Gulp! Well, I'm very curious to see how things went today. Glad my shift got switched until tomorrow so I can be home on the kids' first day.