Sunday, October 28, 2007

Creative Insanity

I've set up RWAC's Nano blog, Creative Insanity.

Come visit the seven chapter members who are accepting the challenge to write 50,000 words in 30 days.

I'm really excited about starting my new story. I'm going to put all the stuff I love in this book. A tortured but honorable hero. A strong, smart heroine that surprises us with her determination and ingenuity. Shocking twists and turns in the plot. A dead husband (don't ask.)

It's set in Savannah. I've never been there but I love the idea of it and the way it sounds. And Dermot Mulroney is the model for my hero.

I'm keeping Nora's concept of the "discovery draft" clearly in mind as I write it. My words are clay. That first draft is the unformed material. I'll mold and shape it into a publishable book in the second and third revisions. That's what they're for. Time enough to take out the instruments to shave off, and add, and form a beautiful book after I get the raw story down.


Christine d'Abo said...

Perfect attitude to have for NaNo, Anne. You'll do fantastic! I can't wait to get started. In fact, I really am twitching...

annette said...

Me too! This is my first NaNo and I'm totally psyched up for it. And it really helps to be part of this NaNo posse we have going, especially when the euphoria of the first few days passes! :-)

julia said...

I'm not officially doing NaNo, because I want to finish the book which a previous NaNo gave me. But when the starting bell rings on Nov. 1st, I'll be at my keyboard pushing that word count up, up, up.

I'm so glad so many RWAC writers are going for it this year. Go, Anne, go!

Annie Mac said...

Julia, let me know if you want to join our yahoo group or our blog.