Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Paint a Purple Room

This weekend was a first for me. I spent yesterday and today painting my oldest daughter's room. I've never painted before but she insisted on doing it yesterday. I'd already bought the paint and rollers so it was just a matter of tackling the job. She got as far as taping up all the woodwork before the whining started. By that time I had one coat of white on the ceiling and had to take the roller from her and finish the walls. She went to work and I finished the second coat.

I can add another thing to my list of household maintenance I hate - painting.

What a messy job.

I had hoped that my daughter would have a real knack for it so I could hand it over to her. My mother offered to do it for me but since she's in her seventies and recovering from a broken foot, much as I was tempted, I had to refuse her help.

The room looks beautiful but the picture above is not hers. For some reason the pictures I take with our camera don't show the colour very well. But it's close to the colour above.

I still have my other daughter's room to paint. I'm hoping she discovers a hidden talent for painting and decorating. Surely, one of us has to have the knack?


Kelly said...

I usually like painting, except the edges. That's where I screw things up. And I let my Dad do my living & dining room because he's a great painter - very anal retentive people make great painters. Plus that was what I had asked for for Christmas. This Christmas...the kitchen.

Annie Mac said...

Yes, the edges were the hardest. But I didn't do too badly for my first time. I just told the kids they better pick a colour they REALLY like because they were living with it for quite awhile.

Christine d'Abo said...

I LOVE to paint. I do these fancy rooms for my girls that usually take me a weekend each to complete. It's fun and I don't stress over the taping part...which is why my husband insists on doing it for me. :)