Saturday, December 29, 2007

Facing the Scale

I started my Christmas eating weeks before Christmas arrived. I had planned to start back at WW on Jan 8th but I weighed myself earlier this week. Aaach! Needless to say I got up this morning and headed to the early morning WW meeting. I won't tell you how much of the Summer weight loss I regained but lets just say that the new pants I bought were VERY tight. And I knew if I waited another ten days I would be facing a couple of more pounds to lose.

I have a bare cupboard and I'm throwing away the Christmas baked goods and if this freak'n snow ever turns to rain I can make it to the grocery store to stock up on healthy food.

I'm not going to dwell on the weight I gained. I'm going to congratulate myself for going to the meeting this morning and concentrate on the thirty pounds I have to lose. I've changed my little weight meter below. By the time we shed our winter coats there should be less of me.

On my way home from the meeting a car in the other lane slid off the road and hit the ditch. I've seen more car accidents so far this winter than I can ever remember seeing before. My heart sinks in sympathy because I know just how they feel as they survey the mangled fronts of their cars. Fortunately I haven't come across any accidents with serious injuries.

I hope everyone has a healthy, prosperous and safe New Year.

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Christine d'Abo said...

I think I gained back all the weight that I lost prior to Christmas. I still have company over, so it's making it really hard to follow WW. I'll be happy to get back to my routine once everyone goes home.