Monday, December 3, 2007

Looks A lot Like Christmas

Snow is falling outside and I ran out this morning and picked up a few Christmas presents. Yes, the queen of Christmas Eve shopping has actually bought presents - and it's only the 3rd.

I'm considering entering the Presents contest. The contest requires 5,000 words and a 2 pgs syn sent by email. Due date Feb 14th. As usual, I have lots of ideas. Have to decide if any of them have the legs to last an entire book.

Presents are about wealthy billionaires and playboys. The settings are world class and exotic. So, where would I like to set my story? Greece? French Riviera? Monte Carlo? The fun of research.

I would also like to finish my Desire by the end of the year. And I need to fine tune my goals for next year. The early part of the year will be busy because I'm taking a web design course and I also volunteer to do low income and senior tax returns. I should still be able to send in a proposal to Desire for Front Page Affair, enter the Presents contest and enter the Daphne with the first chapter of the NaNo book Shattered.


Kelly Boyce said...

Those sound like great goals, Anne! This presents contest sounds like a great idea. You can do it!! And where are you taking the web designing course from? I'd love to do that so i can design my own instead of having to farm it out.

Annie Mac said...

Kelly, the web design course is through the NS Community College, Tues night for 12 weeks starting in Jan at the Leeds St. campus. I can use the course towards my professional development requirements for my CMA as well. Always a good thing.

I'm not thrilled at driving at night during the winter months but the Fall one was full and it's the only course like it I could find.

Let me know if you want more info.

Christine d'Abo said...

You can do it, Anne! And I'm sure you'd have no problem with the Presents contest now that you're a NaNo pro. :)

Annette said...

You go girl! After seeing you in action in NaNo, I know you can definitely achieve all those goals if you want to. :-)