Saturday, January 26, 2008

Best Laid Plans

This week laid me flat. After celebrating my daughter's birthday I ended up sick as a dog on Monday night. Thought it was food poisoning from Monday's dinner, until I found out that six other people who were at my Mom and Dad's on Saturday came down with it, too. Too much of a time lag to be food poisoning but boy it was a nasty bug.

So, pant...pant, trying to get caught up with everything. Finished first round of revisions on my requested Desire. Have to send one of my CP's the last three chapters so she can go through them. And then it's off to a few other writing friends for a read of the complete. I'm reasonably happy with the first seven chapters - the last five still need work.

While I wait for the crits to come back on Unsuitable this week, I'm going to tackle the Presents contest entry. Which was supposed to be finished, according to my goals list, on the 30th. I might make the 30th for the first draft. Entry date is the 14th so it is still very doable.

The other goal I had for the early part of the year was to enter the Daphne. I'm rethinking that. I don't have anything nearly finished for a Romantic Suspense. I'd planned to send the beginning of my Nano book, Shattered but it's so far from polished - or even finished. After spending almost two months revising a finished category length book, I'm more realistic about how much time and energy I would need to get it in readable form. I could enter just for the feedback - it's only the first 15 pgs. But they don't have electronic entries so I have to go through the trouble of copying, figuring out American postage, etc., Still pondering...

Healthy Living Update- My poor sick body didn't make it to the gym but I did lose another pound so I'm staying on track.
Goal for upcoming week: 4x Gym - add weight circuit to the cardio. I'm also going to try one of the WW recipe's from the cookbook I bought. Starting to get a little tired of the old standby's. A little change-up is needed.

Eight weeks until the first day of Spring. Hope to be down another size by then.


Christine d'Abo said...

I hate it when the week does that to you. I blinked and I don't know what happened to mine. I swear everything has been put on fast forward.

Good luck with the revisions on your Desire. And I think there's nothing wrong with reevaluating ones goals. It means you're more likely to meet them.

julia said...

And did you notice it was still light out at almost 5:30 this evening? Spring's a-comin'.

Your writing pace is admirable considering you got that nasty bug. It's everywhere - including here with yours truly. I know dozens of people who have it.

Kelly Boyce said...

Wow, you are one busy woman! Glad you're feeling better and good luck with all those goals.

Cat Schield said...

Congrats on getting the revisions done for the Desire. You're an inspiration for working while you didn't feel well. You've got plenty of time to get your Presents entry done. Heck, you could probably get two done at the pace you work!

Annette said...

Glad you're feeling better. That flu is nasty.

I'm a fan of the electronic submission. It just seems so much easier than sending actual pages.