Friday, February 1, 2008

Friday Already?

Can't believe the week is over already. My daughter found a prom dress today. She started out wanting a short, orange dress. Short dresses are not in this year. Big, Big, Ball gowns are in.

She tried on some bizarre looking dresses. I've always said my oldest dances to her own drummer. And that's a good thing - most of the time. She feels no desire to try risky behaviors to be cool. But I knew there would be loads of pictures and I couldn't help feeling that if she chose a dress that didn't showcase her best qualities, she'd look back with regret.

We've been all over the city and surrounding areas and we headed over the bridge to the last store on our list. By this time she was willing to look at a few long dresses. She tried on a beautiful blue one ( she'd been trying orange and teal -shudder) that matched her bright, blue eyes and looked lovely with her blonde hair and pale complexion. I almost cried. She looked so beautiful. We had a winner. The dress is the colour of the one in the picture and the bodice is similar. The skirt isn't as poofy though.

On the writing front: I've received all my crits back for Unsuitable and I hope to have those changes completed by the end of the weekend. I'll read through the entire MS on Monday and then it's off to my last reader for that final read for typo's, grammar mistakes, etc.

I'm still working on my Presents entry. I have a good outline of the story. I hope to have the rest of the first chapter finished by Wed so I can have it critiqued before sending off.


Annette said...

I'm sure your daughter will look stunning in her dress. I love the colour!

julia said...

If you almost cried, then that's the perfect dress!