Saturday, February 23, 2008

Getting Closer

I'm getting closer to sending Unsuitable out into the big, bad world of New York. I sent it to the final reader this week. After I get it back I'll do one final revision and read through.

The Presents Contest had 600 entries! So, getting any positive feedback from that seems pretty slim. The volume of entries is mind-boggling. I can't imagine the editors having time to comment on anything other than the top entries. I think continuing to focus on the Desire line is the road for me. The Desire editors have a podcast on eharl on what they're looking for and it is very informative. They are definitely looking for new writers and are planning another online pitch. I'll be ready for that one.

While I wait for feedback on Unsuitable I'm reading through the first half of Front Page Affair. I'm still concerned that it isn't dark enough for the new focus of the line. I still love my heroine and I added a more sinister thread of an absent, con man father who threatens to destroy the heroine's relationship with the hero. I'm going to try and give my hero a darker past as well - make him a little more bitter or angry. Right now he's pretty perfect the way he is.

The Desire editors are very enthusiastic about mini series and Front Page Affair is the first of three to five books for the Cambridge family. And they want to prolific authors and are prepared to publish as many books as you can write. Of course, things change quickly in the publishing world so next year what they want could be very different.

Unsuitable started out as a stand alone but Nicco has a very charming, younger brother Lucas. I've come up with a book for him with a heroine from his past who did something fairly unforgivable. Unlike the heroine in Unsuitable who didn't actually do the criminal act she was accused of, there's no question that this heroine did the dirty deed. She had excellent reasons but it's an uphill battle for Lucas to trust her.

I'm trying to come up with a "hook" for each of my subsequent books so it grabs the editor right away.


Annette said...

Can't wait until you send it off. Of course, then you have to wait while they read it. But hopefully since it was requested, it won't take too long.

And 600 entries is a lot, but don't give up. Your entry is really good, and even if it doesn't win, I think they'll still be very impressed.

Cat Schield said...

I dropped by to see if you'd heard about the podcast and of course you are all over it. I'm downloading it right now. Since they haven't bought anyone new in over a year, it's nice to hear they're looking. I'm excited that you're positioned to send something to them right now.

The 600 entries for the Presents contest gave me heart failure. I submitted 3 entries so I figure my chances are 1 in 200. Not bad (HAHAHAHAH). But better than winning the lottery or being struck by lightning. I've got my fingers crossed for us both.

Annie Mac said...

Thanks Annette,

Cat, when you put it like that, the odds don't seem so bad.

Kelly Boyce said...

You're on a roll, Anne. I think this is your year!

julia said...

Anne, you've got a momentum that's very inspirational!