Wednesday, February 13, 2008

With Sweaty Palms

Does my Greek hero look familiar?

Well, Costas Sevalas was transmitted to the London Mills and Boone office via cyberspace this afternoon. I was a little shaky as I pressed the send button. M&B sends a nice response acknowledging receipt of the entry so you don't have to drive yourself crazy wondering if it arrived. Life would be so simple if I could send all my submissions this way. Except for the synopsis - 2 double-spaced pages is just too short.

My online crit partners and my real, live CP's were incredibly generous with their time and advice. How lucky am I that these people are in my life?

As I breath a sigh of relief, I can turn all my attention back to An Unsuitable Mistress and focus on getting that in the mail as quickly as I can. The last chapter needs to be a "wow" ending so I'll be focusing my attention on that tomorrow. Then, I'll print the MS off and start picking through it before sending it to my last pair of eyes. She'll make sure my grammar, comma's, sentence structure, etc., are all correct so I don't look like an idiot when I use a period instead of a comma or mix up my words like heal and heel or brake and break. I know the difference I just don't see it.


Cat Schield said...

Congrats on getting your Presents entry off! If you thought hitting that send button was hard, wait until you drop that manuscript into the mailbox.

I just finished up the last chapter of my revision. I hate writing endings. It's sad to send my characters off to their happily ever after. By the time I've lived with them for over a year, it's like losing a good friend.

Best of luck with your last chapter. Oh, and you've been "tagged"

julia said...

Yeehaw! Congrats on pressing 'send'. Who could imagine something like that could be so hard? But it is.

Kelly Boyce said...

I loooove Matthew Fox. Good choice. Although I feel a bit squeamish when i say that because he also looks a lot like my older brother too. Crap. I'm going to need therapy aren't I?

Kelly Boyce said...

Oh - and congrats on getting the submission off!!