Thursday, March 27, 2008


I need all the inspiration I can get to finish the new MS and Eric Dane is the model for my hero, Josh Cambridge.

In the last two weeks I've struggled with my writing. I'm far behind where I wanted to be on Front Page Affair. I felt like my hands were in quick sand, every word an effort, none of them any good. I questioned the story, the characters, the conflict and tried to shake off the nagative editor peering over my shoulder, shaking her head in disappointment as I tried to move my wooden lovers towards the bed. Finally, big sigh of relief here, I managed fourteen pages this week. I had to make myelf stop this morning because I needed to run errands. If I can have another productive morning tomorrow I should make my twenty-five pages for the week. The love scene is still rough but once I left that behind the next scene flowed much easier. And tomorrow I get to write an angry scene between Josh and Izzy - she's pissed at his arrogant behavior.

I'm also struggling to learn the new programs for my computer class. It makes so much sense when I'm sitting in the classroom. When I get home, not so much. I'm struggling to combine pictures, one layer after another. I could do it last week but now I can't make it work. Combine that with problems with my new laptop and time got sucked away. I managed to fix the computer problems and I'm sure if I keep at it, I'll get the hang of the software.

What is with this snow? It's March 27th. Time for Spring.


Annette said...

Like the new look. And can't wait to read more of FPA. I miss those characters!

I've been tooling around with FrontPage and reading all kinds of books on web design. I'm really into it, but you're right -- it's hard to figure out sometimes.

Kelly Boyce said...

Well I don't know about you but that pix of Eric Dane definitely leaves me inspired...Hope you make the 25 pg mark. Sounds like you're back on track!

Kelly Boyce said...

By the way - LOVE the new look!

Stella MacLean said...

Dear Anne,
Your space looks so great. So nice to be able to drop by and say hi.
And yes, I agree with Kelly, a good picture is worth a thousand drools.

Julia Smith said...

Love your new look, Anne! And your progress is about like mine - painful some days, all-consuming other days. That's just writing, methinks.

Anne MacFarlane said...

Thanks for the comments on my changes to the blog. I still have a lot to learn about photoshop and webdesign but hope to have a whole new one before too long.