Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Desire Contest

They`ve finally posted the details of the Desire log line contest:

Spent last night at one of our chapter write-ins so between that and my morning pages I managed over 2000 words. A good day. The only problem was some of those were for different stories. Some great ideas are calling me and I feel compelled to write it all down before the ideas evaporate - snatches of dialog,introspection, plot points, etc.

I want to plot out my mystery before I start - get the crime set up properly from the beginning so I don`t run into so many logic problems. I haven`t had that much success with the things I`ve tried so far. I`m open to suggestions.


Julia Smith said...

Logic problems - the bane of my existence.

Cat Schield said...

Spreadsheets. I've started to keep track of characterization, scenes, GMC. I know most pantsers freak out at the idea, but they do help. Especially when you get stuck. If you do some planning at the beginning when that dreaded middle comes up go back to what you originally came up with and see if you're still on track.

Annette said...

Good for you! 2000 words is awesome for one day. And I wouldn't worry if they're for different books. The main thing is you're writing. And now you're further along in all your stories.

I'm a newbie and still feeling my way so not sure if I have anything you can use. I do know a synopsis -- even a brief one -- works better for me.

If you're a visual learner, I'd say anything where you can see things laid out, like the storyboard. Or files cards you can move around.

If you want to brainstorm, let me know. Sometimes that's how we come up with the best ideas.

Kelly Boyce said...

I'm starting my next book with a detailed - and I mean DETAILED - outline so I don't run into the same problem too. If you get any good ideas on how to avoid that, let me know!