Monday, September 1, 2008

New Beginnings

September is the perfect time to set up some new goals and get back into the writing life.

I have a Desire to revise/finish. Right now it's a big mess. I've retooled the synopsis so I think I've got the story worked out and back on track.

I want to have a proposal ready for my NaNo book, Shattered and a pitch ready for my mystery series when I go to the KOD Retreat on Oct 3. Also want to pitch Shattered to Heather Osborn from Tor when she visits our chapter in late Oct.

I'm also taking another web class, this one on Digital Imaging and a Cake Decorating class with my youngest daughter. Hope the classes don't interfere too with any of DD2's school stuff. I missed a few of her things last year because of my class schedule. She says it's ok but I always want to show up for my kids. I want them to know that nothing is as important as they are - but sometimes it's tough to be there for everything.

I'm also getting my web design business off the ground as well. I have a business name. Etch Web Design. What do you think?


Julia Smith said...

Etch is very cool, Anne. And your cake decorating class sounds like a ton of fun, just having enjoyed a particularly beautiful birthday cake for my visiting friend.

Cat Schield said...

I like the name for your new business. I agree about September being a great time to set goals (or revisit goals) and get back on track. August is always a very unproductive month for me. Probably because in my formative years, I always knew September meant no more days of fun and play.

Good luck with the classes and WIPs. Sounds like you have a busy fall planned.

Anne MacFarlane said...

Thanks Julia and Cat, I'm glad you like the name. I had lots of good ideas but the names were already taken. I was able to buy the web address for Etch Web Design so it worked out well.

Annette said...

Etch is a great name. Really suits.

And so cool about the cake decorating class. That's something on my 'bucket list'. Will have to hear more about yours.

I agree that Sept. is a good month to get back on track. This week is still nuts for me, but after Sunday, things should slow down a lot. I plan to hit the floor running then! :-)