Monday, December 1, 2008

Christmas Fun

We had our annual RWAC Christmas potluck yesterday. This kicked off the Christmas season for me. I finish my class tomorrow night with a presentation. I just have one minor touch up and I'm ready to go.

My dad had an operation a few weeks ago and can't get his lights up on the house. As soon as the rain stops I'm going down to help put them up. I don't put lights on my own house - I put candles in the window and maybe lights around the front door. I don't care about stuff like that but it's very important to my father. Actually, I'm a very low key kind of girl when it comes to celebrations. I get overwhelmed by all the stuff one has to do and go and cook...

I went to Catholic school and as a child Christmas revolved more around the religious aspects of the holiday. We went to midnight mass. We had Christmas dinner at home. We didn't spend days socializing or partying. I find as an adult that Christmas has become such an over produced holiday that I really just want to stick my head in the sand(or snow) and come up in January.

Here are some pictures of yesterday's festivities and my fellow romance writers. I always have fun chatting and eating with my writer friends and we don't do it nearly enough.



Annette said...

I always enjoy whenever we get together like this. We should do it more often.

LOL Amazing! A photo of me where I'm not stuffing my face. That always seems to be what I'm doing whenever someone snaps a pic.

Hope your presentation went well!

Anne MacFarlane said...

LOL I think every picture Julia took my mouth was open.

My presentation went very well, thanks for asking Annette. I'm happy that it's over, though.

Kelly Boyce said...

I had a great time at the potluck. And you're right, it is the kick off to the holiday season!