Thursday, December 11, 2008

A Little Progress

As you can see from the word meter on the right I'm inching along in my rewrite. I'm happy with Ch1 and hopefully Ch2 will be completed tomorrow. They have more of a personal history in this version so slotting in the back story is giving me fits. Too much? Not enough? Too early?

However, I'm going to have to get the lead out if I want to finish the rewrite in this century.

I have some great ideas for goal setting in the new year and it involves a Success Team. I'm still working out all the details in my head but I'll be writing more about it as this year draws to a close. The idea came from Kara Lennox who has a "Wishcraft" group that meets in person. It's based on Barbara Sher's book of the same name.

I went to a book signing for Judith James, a member of our local RWA chapter this past weekend. She received a fabulous review from Publisher's Weekly for her book Broken Wing. Great title.


Cat Schield said...

Congrats on the progress. I've been eagerly awaiting the news that you've started the revisions. Sometimes it really helps to let the changes simmer before you get started.

I can't wait to hear your plans for goal setting next year. I did okay on mine this year, but many things never got done. I work in the aerospace industry. My boss described our approach to the future as making constant course corrections (like a pilot would) as you move forward. I think that's pretty apt to what I do. Wouldn't want to fly straight into the middle of a huge thunderstorm storm just because it happened to be the shortest path to your destination.

Julia Smith said...

Anne - I love your Christmas header! And your picture of Judith! Good to see your rewrite meter. Go, Anne, go!

Julia Smith said...

Oh - I forgot to mention - I loved your story about the girls' christening gown from 'Christmas Daddies'.

Annette Gallant said...

Good going on the revisions, Anne. You'll get there!

I think the Success Team group is a great idea. Having a support group can make a huge difference, especially for people who tend to procrastinate or become bogged down with self-doubt. (like I do!)

Judith's book was so good! I tried to savor it, but ended up reading the second half in one big rush.