Thursday, March 5, 2009

New Ideas

  • In my infinite desire to procrastinate about finishing my revisions I've been working on my next Desire pitch. I have about five pages of notes, character names, company name, GMC's. Now I'm looking for photo's for my hero and heroine.

  • Julie Bowen, pictured here, is Julie Sinclair owner of a Vintage Clothing store.

    Now, CEO and Billionaire Maximillian Winchester (not sure I like last name) is a little more difficult to pin down. Tall, dark and handsome? Blond, blue-eyed and charming? Hmm maybe two blonds isn't the way to go. How about Daniel Goddard?

    And here he is below from the show BeastMasters.

    Do you use pictures to help with characters? Character interviews?

    I haven't come up with a title yet - which is odd since I'm the queen of titles. Whenever I judge a contest with a lacklustre title I want to send my suggestions. But that's one of those things, unless someone asks for your assistance, you're really just being annoying. I do know my book turns into a marriage of convenience and maybe a little blackmail thrown in. But the Blackmailed Bride sounds like a title that's been done a million times before.

    Billionaire's Convenient Wife
    Billionaire's Bargain Bride
    Tycoon's Tempting Takeover
    Seducing His Wife
    A Business Proposal
    Temporary Arrangement
    The CEO's Convenient Wife
    Second Hand Bride

Still not happy with any of those. Hopefully it will pop into my head when I'm not thinking so hard about it.


Julia Smith said...

'In my infinite desire to procrastinate about finishing my revisions I've been working on my next Desire pitch.' - LOL, Anne!

Annette Gallant said...

I dunno if it's procrastination. To me, procrastination is going shopping or doing some non-writing activity. Working on your pitch for the same line as your revisions sounds like productive work to me. Maybe while you're outlining or thinking about your new story, it'll trigger an idea for your current one.

LOL That's my theory and I'm sticking to it!

Cat Schield said...

Oh no, you two. It's procrastination. Classic procrastination. Doesn't matter if you work on something different or go shopping, if you're putting off doing something you "should" be, you're procrastinating.

On the other hand, Anne, if you're stuck on your revisions consider that it might be because something's not working. Whenever I get sidetracked onto a new project (cough, cough--like I just did with the final chapter of WIP that I tossed out and started to rewrite--wrote the 1st chapter of sequel instead, productive, but not getting requested manuscript out the door now is it?) it's usually because I'm struggling with the current WIP.

I like the Tycoon's Tempting Takeover.

Anne MacFarlane said...

I am at a spot in the MS that isn't working.

I worked on it this morning and I have a few scenes that aren't progressing the plot. They need to be changed - or completely deleted.

Looking at the titles today I like the Tycoon's Tempting Takeover best, too and I haven't come up with anything better yet.

Kelly Boyce said...

At least its useful procrastination!!