Tuesday, April 7, 2009

House Shocker

Did you see House last night?

What a shocker. Kal Penn's Kutner commits suicide. The cast doesn't know why. Didn't see it coming.

The show deals with depression - in other characters but not in Kutner, as far as we know. And House is rocked by the fact he didn't see it coming. That he didn't stop it.

So, as usual, it's all about House.

What a way to shake up a show. I love that about House. Always surprising.

A couple of years ago they completing cleaned out his old team and brought in a brand new one. Only two of the new crew are left - and one of those has Huntington's.

What's even more interesting is the reason the actor left the show. Kal Penn is taking a job at the White House. Yes, the real White House in Washington with the President.


Cat Schield said...

Wow, I didn't watch it. House used to be one of my favs then I got kinda perturbed when they shook up the cast. I suppose they wanted to keep things interesting. As if House can't do that all by himself. Altho I will admit that the whole hiring 3 new people thing was a hoot.

Kelly Boyce said...

I was totally shocked by that twist! I'll miss his character but I think it was done really well, dealing more with the characters left behind and their varied reactions to it.