Thursday, May 14, 2009

Spring has Sprung

I mowed my lawn today for the first time this Spring. Love the smell of fresh grass. Ran over the top of the gas jug and cut it to pieces with the mower. I've only done that three times. Off to Canadian Tire tomorrow to replace it and get some super duper ant kill to take care of the large ant hill in the back yard.

We used to have a nice vegetable garden in the back yard. Now, the only thing left are the furrows. Very difficult to mow. I think I'm going to order some fill and try to smooth it out. Hmm, yard work. Not my strength. How hard could it be? Maybe put a little stone patio out there while I'm at it then I wouldn't have to mow at all. Not that anyone in my family will sit out there. The black flies are already a nuisance.

Spending all day tomorrow writing. Yippee!


Cat Schield said...

You just summed up why I moved into a townhouse. I had a tiny city lot and actually enjoy more lawn now. And I don't have to wage war on dandylions and weeds. Or mow. Just enjoy!

Anne MacFarlane said...

I'm envious Cat. Someday when the girls have finished school I'll have more choices of where to live.