Monday, August 24, 2009

I'll take it black

I use a lot of cream in my Starbucks coffee. And since I like to write there it adds up to a whole lot of fat and calories. So, I'm on a cutting back regime. Today I splashed in a little half and half and added a little regular milk. I still enjoyed my coffee so this might be doable if I cut back a little each day.

On the writing: I've reread and edited Unsuitable twice. I think I still have a couple, small niggly things to smooth out. Worked on the synopsis today. Yuck. Considering putting the MS aside for a couple of weeks and then rereading with a fresh eye. Procrastination? Or a good idea?

On the weight loss: Another pound down. 12 to go.

Quality time with the family: Took my Mom to lunch, and my girls out to dinner. Didn't argue with any of them ( I had to bite on my lip HARD .)

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