Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Where's the Pool?

Hot, Hot and Hot. After endless rain our summer has arrived. With a vengeance.

Too hot for anything but the pool or a beach. I've been writing at the air conditioned Starbucks but I need to do some stuff around the house, laundry and groceries, drive oldest to work, etc. Think I might wilt into a puddle of sweat.

Finishing the edits on Unsuitable with a goal to getting it off to the Desire Editor by the end of the month. I think this is the first summer I actually managed to get any writing done at all. Still need to tackle the ugly synopsis.

I've been thinking about focus lately after a discussion with one of my critique partners. I recommended she read "The Power of Focus." One of the things that seems to hold many of us back is the lack of focus in our writing. We fill our time with so many other things that we never leave room for the actual writing. As I found myself looking at another 12 week course on Cake Decorating, updating my CPR and registering for a course for Women and House Maintenance - besides the web design courses and my professional development courses for my accounting designation... whew. If I did all that, when would I have time to write?

So, I took a step back and decided to prioritize.

At our next Success Meeting we're going to discuss our goals for the last quarter of the year. What I like about the Success group is that we focus on other things besides writing. And, I have three people to tell me if I'm veering off course.

So here are my priorities:

Quality time with my family. My mom is getting older and needs some help with things around the house. She's stubborn so it's not easy to get her to accept help. My girls are teenagers and the oldest is in her second year of University while still living at home. They'll both be gone in a few years so I need to value the time I still have.

Writing every day.

Diet and Exercise Routine - continue with WW to lose the last 13lbs. Exercise 4xweek.

Web Design - I put this on the back burner to write but I want to make it a priority and consider doing it as a part time business. Take an education course that works for both this and my professional development for my CMA. Maybe a course on ebusiness?

House repair - painting, maintenance, etc. I'd like to have a separate office for myself downstairs. Right now it's a storage place for old furniture and toys, etc., Major work.

If I do something on these items each day I should see major progress in all areas by Christmas.

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Julia Smith said...

Anne, just think of where you were a few years ago, and I'm quite certain you will see that you've accomplished way more than you think you have. What I love about your list of things to do is your enthusiastic embrace of possibility.