Monday, November 16, 2009

A Little Breather

I wrote a little over 10,000 words on my half-nano story. But, I was starting to meander all over the place yesterday and needed to take a little step back.

I know the external plot points but I haven't "lived" with my characters long enough to know how they'll react to them. Should my hero be sorry he slept with the heroine - his PA and best friend? Does he think it's a mistake? Or does he want to continue the affair? And what about the heroine? She's in love with the hero so does she want whatever she can get from him? Or is it too painful to even be around him any more? Does she resign? or try to make him love her?

What character traits are the most dominant in each of them? Pride? Compassion? Anger? Fear? I need to answer these questions first before I can continue.

How are you doing with Nano?


Cat Schield said...

Try journaling in their POV. I have found that helps me get to the root of how they're feeling. And you can still count that against NaNo words!

Anne MacFarlane said...

That's a good idea, Cat. I did spend yesterday thinking about the Reaction/Decision chain for each of my characters and that helped.