Monday, November 2, 2009

Nano or Not?

After sending off my Presents Contest yesterday I turned to deciding on an idea for NANO. Now, usually getting ideas is the least of my problems but I couldn't get excited by any of the ideas I had cooking in my brain or written out on my stash of index cards.

I want to write a short contemporary for Desire and have it ready for the next pitch which I've read will be in March. I also need something polished and ready to go when I hear back from Krista Stroever on the complete MS I sent a couple of weeks ago.

I sat at Starbucks on Saturday for two hours, scribbling notes and words and expanding on ideas. Everything ended in a dead end. I also had to leave because it was so loud and crowded the people behind me had me boxed in and I had to ask them to move so I could get out of my seat. Jeesh, people.

I raked leaves in my front yard to see if fresh air and exercise would do the trick. As you can see I have a LOT. I put 6 bags out for recycle pick up. They're still out there so maybe they're supposed to go with regular trash pick-up next week?

Anyway, I reread the editor chat on eharlequin.But my mind was blank. How could that be? My mind is never blank. But it just sat there, yesterday, dark and silent.
Stella Maclean, SuperRomance author, presented a fabulous session at our RWAC chapter meeting but I couldn't get unstuck.

I watched a DVD last night and read a book. Still my synapses weren't snapping.

I listened to the Spotlight on DVD from this year's RWA conference and looked up the books the senior editor, Krista Stroever mentioned.

Then, somewhere, a glimmer of an idea took hold. Don't even know what sparked it. I wrote two paragraphs on it, like a back cover blurb. I liked it.

I reread it.

I still liked it.

I'm off and writing....


Annette Gallant said...

Yay!!! I'm glad you figured out a story idea that you can run with. Writing is hard enough without doing a story you're not feeling the love for.

Kelly Boyce said...


Anne MacFarlane said...

Thanks guys.