Monday, March 8, 2010

Good Writing Week

Yes, I had a good writing week. And it isn't often you hear me say that. LOL.
I wrote almost 10,000 words. Would love to write the same this week and get most of the first draft completed. I write short on my first draft since there's very little setting or action. I even have some scenes that are dialog only at this point.

But the sun is shining and the outdoors is calling me and tax season is upon us. So, need to use my time wisely so I can get my word count in and get everything else completed.

I use a list, a calendar and getting up earlier to ensure I get everything done.

Do have time management tips you use to help keep you on track?


Kelly Boyce said...

I'm a slave to my calendar(s), I make to do lists, spreadsheets, etc. I really need to be organized or I'm convinced the entire universe will implode.

Janet said...

I believe Kelly is my long lost sister - although we look nothing alike :)

To Do Lists are my friends - even though there are days when I hate them. I have also been known to bribe myself - check off two things on the list and you can go outside and play with the dog. The psychology works only if I don't start doctoring the list and creating easy stuff to check off (like 'Spend 5 minutes checking out favortie blogs' - ooh, check).

Good luck with your crazy week, Anne - and congrats on a very productive week last week :)

Anne MacFarlane said...

Kelly, I'm like that with the news. It's like I'm scared the world will end and I won't know about it.

Anne MacFarlane said...

Okay, Janet, you might be Kelly's long lost sister. She does some crazy stuff with lists too. The best tip I got from her was adding things that you already did to the list so you could cross them off. I laughed when she told me that. But now I do it.

Michelle Helliwell said...

Wow - what a week! Congradulations!

I need to stay organized, because my free time is finite. I am a list maker, and I keep my work calendar pretty tight, but the rest of my world, not so much. I get twitchy if my private time is over-scheduled, although I keep my 30 min writing time pretty sacred.

Good luck with everything - 10000 words is about how much I wrote last month - so good job!