Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Best Laid Plans

This is an oriental poppy from my garden. It's very fragile so when it rains tomorrow it will get all saggy and limp.

I wrote over 6,000 words last week. I'm not updating the WIP counter on the right because, although I'm over 40,000 words, many of those hard fought words are going to end up on the cutting room floor. Probably about 10,000 of them. Yes, that's how many detours and side shows I went on as I discovered my story. Hoping to have a proposal sent to Desire in July.Also had three ideas for additional stories so wrote notes on each of those. I'm an ideas kind of gal. Not just story ideas but great ideas for everything. The follow-through is what trips me up.

I planned (haha) to write an equal amount this week and what happened? Sunday my pressure tank for my water pump sprang a leak and I had to call a plumber to fix it. Yes, just as I'm researching well drillers with the BBB. Can't wait for weeks until I get the plans under way for the new well (which I still have major reservations about doing because of the mess and disruption) have to get pump fixed now. The water woes started on the weekend, as they always do, and I decided to wait until Mon morning to call the plumber. Fortunately my first choice plumber is available later in the afternoon. Unfortunately the tank he has in his van is too big and he'll have to order mine and return the next day. The next day, as I'm waiting for plumber the POWER GOES OFF! For Four hours! Need electricity to power pump so can't put the tank in. But, power comes on before the end of the day and plumber arrives around 5 to fix. This company is the best!

Fifty minutes and several hundred dollars later, I have water!

A wonderful thing.


Cat Schield said...

Poppies are my favorite. I can never grown them, however, so I only get to enjoy them in other people's gardens.

Congrats on the word count. Sometimes a story needs to go where it needs to go.

Bummer about the home repairs. It's never fun to "have" to spend money on stuff.

Janet said...

Sometimes you just have to let the characters have their way in order to discover their truth, Anne. Congrats on the word count, and yes, it still counts (you were writing) AND the bevy of ideas generated (I kind of like to think I'm an Idea Girl, too - I wonder if we should start a business?)

Yikes on the plumbing issues. And when you pay that bill don't you think "I should have been a plumber?" My woes began this morning as I returned from my run to the screeching sound of our new septic pump alerting the neighborhood to a problem. Now I'm waiting for the guys who just installed it two weeks ago to show up.

At least it wasn't the fire alarm, which I thought it was at first.

The joys of home ownership :0

Anne MacFarlane said...

Cat, previous owner planted these, ex moved them around but year after year they blossom.

Anne MacFarlane said...

Oh No Janet. Sounds? From the septic pump? Yikes.

No, when I hear the word "septic" I wouldn't like to be a plumber. LOL. Hope they get it fixed quickly.