Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Busy, Busy

I'm currently signed up for two online classes. The first is with Susan Meier called the Power of the Right Question. I've taken a couple of online classes with Susan before and she really speaks my language. Her concepts are deceptively simple but very powerful. The second is with Bob Mayer called the Warrior Writer. That's what I want to be A Warrior! In addition I volunteered to moderate this month's KOD class called Hide and Seek - all about how to disappear and how to find someone.

We also have our all day writers workshop for my local RWA chapter and I'm doing a short session on web design. The challenge is how to do about three hours of material in one hour.

So, as you can see, not much actual writing being done this week. And wouldn't you know it, last night I had a great idea for another book. Scribbled a bunch of ideas, dialogue fragments, character stuff down. I might've mentioned this before  but often times those brilliant nighttime ideas turn out to be not so grand in the bright light of the morning. Since it was a dark and rainy morning the glow from the idea hadn't completely faded. And I think I like it enough to put it on the list of books to write. And yes, that's why I'm taking the Warrior Writer class, so I can get all these good ideas onto the page before I die.

I also stayed up to the wee hours on the weekend reading a fabulous book by a writer friend. I'll be posting a review of that book within the next couple of days.

Have you taken any good online courses lately? What were they?
And how do you determine if your story ideas, that come to you in a flash, have the staying power to sustain a whole book?


Cat Schield said...

Funny about scribbling down the new idea. I wrote 1000 words of a brand new idea last night when the current WIP stumped me.

No on-line courses for me lately. A few have tempted me, but I've got so much I haven't yet assimilated.

I think any story idea has staying power if you layer enough conflict on it.

Rachael Johns said...

WOWSERS you ARE busy at the moment!!! I did Laurie Schenbly's course on Plotting Via Motivation a while back. It was good but unfortunately I didn't have a good idea at the time and kind of wastest it I think :(

Anne MacFarlane said...

Cat, I've been thinking about the story idea and adding stuff, fleshing it out. So, it might be a keeper.

Anne MacFarlane said...

Rachael, I did a class with Laurie as well, I can't remember the title but it was good.

Annette Gallant said...

Those courses sounds really interesting, Anne. You've had a busy week, for sure. Loved your web design workshop yesterday. Can't wait to start playing around with mine!