Sunday, July 4, 2010

Taking A Deep Breath

Happy 4th of July to our neighbors to the South!

My sister came for a short Canada day visit and we packed as much eating and walking in as we could.  I've eaten most of my meals at restaurants and we had a family barbecue and birthday yesterday. Even with the walking the scale was screaming at me this morning. Too much cake, and cupcakes, and yes! pizza and pasta salad.

Yesterday I took my oldest daughter to the airport for a trip to New Jersey/New York at 4 o'clock in the morning.  The only reason to be up that early is if you've been up all night  Of course, the previous couple of days were a mad dash for errands and beauty upkeep. She spends money on hair, make-up, waxing, etc that boggles my mind. It's a good thing she isn't ugly or she'd be broke.

We did a trip to Mahone Bay which is really just an excuse to take pictures of the colorful houses and businesses and to eat coconut cupcakes at the bakery. My other sister and niece were with us. I get car sick if I'm a passenger in a car for any length of time. Since we needed a bigger car than mine and my daughter needed mine for errands before her trip, I got to drive my sisters brand new car. The death grip she had on the door handle as I turned around on a bank beside the water was pretty funny. My niece covered her eyes.

Contrary to what my daughters have been telling people, I really am a good driver.

We all talked about moving there and how lovely it would be. But it's awfully far away from a Mall - so maybe not.

But, I do have an idea for a mystery set there. Which of course, brings me full circle. Haven't written in days and my WIP is staring me in the face. With a beautiful breeze fluttering the curtains in my office it's a perfect morning to write.

So how did you celebrate Canada Day and/or Independence Day?


Rachael Johns said...

Ooh 4am - unfortunately due to insomniac baby, I regularly get up at that time so I FEEL you pain :) Mahone Bay looks gorgeous! But I'm sorry, you still don't look old enough to have a grown-up daughter!! NO WAY!

Anne MacFarlane said...

Rachael, I feel your pain. When my girls were little I would've sold my soul for sleep.

And I definitely felt (and looked) old enough yesterday morning after about four hours sleep.

Michelle Helliwell said...

Summer on the south shore is a great time, no matter what the occasion! We had a BBQ at home on Thursday, I made a pathetic looking cake, we had a bonfire, and it was just nice.

Hope you get to catch up on your sleep - I appreciate how rare a commodity it can be:)

Anne MacFarlane said...

Michelle, that sounds lovely. Since I don't have little one's like you do, I've already caught up on my sleep.

Janet said...

Your daughter is beautiful, Ann! And great pics of you and your sisters, too.

You were right around the corner from me (kind of, close enough). Don't you just love Mahone Bay? And there's a mall in Bridgewater - you're close to civilization and only an hour from Halifax! How's my sales pitch going?

Don't you find it so hard to write in the summer time? I'm strugging to sit at my desk when the Day Job is done - I want to be outside or touring around the beaches and quaint villages. Not sure how much I'll accomplish this summer - but I do know that there will NOT be any 4 am wake-up calls ;)

Anne MacFarlane said...

Yes, Janet, trying to write in the summer is tough. Always a good reason to abandon the computer for exploring and just basking in the sun.

Kelly Boyce said...

I'd love to retire to Mahone Bay. I used to spend summers there as a kid and I loved it.

Anne MacFarlane said...

Kelly, we can be neighbours when we're seniors. We can meet in the coffee shop down there and eat cheese cake and talk about all our published novels. And all the royalties we have coming in...