Saturday, August 7, 2010

How Hard Can it Be - Part 11

Success on the second try.

The Lemon Cupcakes turned out nicely. Could be a little more lemony. I'll know that  for next time. However, the icing that came along with the recipe tasted funny so I used the cream cheese icing instead. Whew. No wonder I stick with the same tried and true recipes. Less chance of messing up.

I remade the Black Velvet cupcakes with Martha Stewart's recipe. Why didn't I go with that the first time? They still have a little bit of an unusual taste but that's probably because they have vinegar in them?


Janet said...

I'm on my way over - they look fabulous :)

So glad they worked out the second time - there's nothing worse than craving something and then being disappointed in the end result (or no result as happened in your case)!

Anne MacFarlane said...

Thanks Janet. Taking them to my mom's this evening to share.

Rachael Johns said...

Oooh they look gorgeous. Really makes me wanna makes some special cupcakes on this cold, windy Sunday afternoon!

Julia Smith said...

I love your shots of the cupcakes, Anne. Next best thing to taking a bite.

Cat Schield said...

Yum, aren't you susie homemaker. Looks wonderful. Bummer about the first round, but you've obviously conquered.