Monday, September 27, 2010

Deep Breath

I went to Word On The Street yesterday to hear Pam Callow and Anne Emery read from their mystery novels and answer questions.  Did I take a picture of those two lovely ladies on stage? No. I took this one instead. I thought it was funny to see the lovely fountain bordered by port-o-potties - and those port-o-potties were everywhere.

As I do each Monday I took a look at where I stand with my WIP and according to  my schedule I need to write 12,000 words this week to finish my WIP on time. Hmm, might have a problem with that.

However, since submission is the end game for me in the last quarter of 2010, I need to finish this MS. I was listening to an RWA conference session yesterday and editor Birgit Davis Todd said Harlequin had bough 46 new authors in the previous year. Of course, some of those are previously published authors but many are brand new. I hope to have Executive Demands ready for the GH and at the same time send a proposal to Desire for it. And then, a proposal to Presents for another MS.

If I believe I can do this, I will.
If I believe in my story, I can finish it.

Today's goal: 1,000 words.
This week's goal: 5,000 words


Cat Schield said...

Go Anne!!!!

Anne MacFarlane said...

Thanks, Cat.

Kelly Boyce said...

You can do it!!

Michelle Helliwell said...

Go Anne!!! You're doing a great job...I know you're going to finish.