Friday, November 26, 2010


I'm rewriting the synopsis for Executive Demands and also pondering a change to the title. For some reason it now sounds too harsh and not very romantic. (And I'm writing this blog as one more way to procrastinate completing it.)

Writing the synopsis highlights any weaknesses in the plot - and I still have some, especially in the last part of the book. My ending is rough and it shows. Hopefully, the work I do on the synopsis this weekend will better clarify that part of the book for me. Synopsis always sound so dry and uninspired and I want to tell the editor "read the book, it's much better than I make it sound." Hmm, probably means the synopsis still needs work.

I try to keep in mind the action-reaction-decision chain so it's logical and I don't go off on tangents. And sometimes, I feel if I could just come up with that one right word, I wouldn't need a paragraph to explain the motivation.

So, off to finish the syn and come up with a new title.

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