Monday, December 6, 2010

After Hours With The CEO

Decided to change the name of Executive Demands to After Hours With the CEO. What do you think?

The first three chapters have been sitting on my desk since last Thursday. I wanted to read them with a fresh eye after a couple of days to catch any grammar/spelling mistakes.

I sent my revamped Synopsis ( and who invented the hell that is a synopsis, anyway?) to CP's for some input. Ready to make those changes today and get this baby to the post office by tomorrow. And of course, one daughter is home sick today and the other is studying for exams. I'm at Starbucks now but the chairs are hard on the back so will head home in a couple of hours. I'll need to find head phones to drown out the constant questions when I get there.

Also spent the weekend working on my next short contemporary for the SYTYCW titled, Secrets, Lies and Silk Sheets. Not the most original title but I like it enough to move forward. So much fun to work on a new project.  I always start with names of all my characters and it often takes hours to nail them down. I have his external goal and I think a good  core story question. I had a very tight external goal for her and intense motivation. Very High Stakes. But, I didn't want to write that story. It was very emotional and I just couldn't see writing a romance when a child's life was at stake. Who can fall in love with someone who hold's the key to a child's life? So, I kept her motivation but lightened up the reason behind it. I hope it works.

So what are you working on? Do you take a break from writing for Christmas.


Janet said...

I love the new title, Anne! And have my fingers crossed for you :) Glad you got that hellish synopsis done (horrible things, those).

Good to hear you've started on a new story - always refreshing after slogging through revisions, re-write, synopsis and queries!

Rachael Johns said...

I LOVE After Hours With The CEO!!! Good luck!

Anne MacFarlane said...

Thanks Janet and Rachael - I really like the new title, too. And I think it fits the story better.

Michelle Helliwell said...

I love the title!!! Very sexy:)

I am trying not to take a thing Nano taught me is that I do better when the story is in my head, which it is if I'm writing every night. That being said, I am in revising mode, which is different, and sometimes the distance is good. And I can't knit or make crafts, so I might as well do something!

Anne MacFarlane said...

I know how you feel, Michelle. If I take three or four days away from my WIP it takes time to get back into it. If I work at least a little bit on it most days, the story stays in my head and I find myself working out plot and character problems while I'm doing other things.