Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Clean Slate

There's something about flipping the calendar to a new year and realizing you can wipe the slate clean. You can start over. Do things differently. Maybe design a life that fits better than the old one. Of course, that also brings  a lot of anxiety. What if you end up in the same place as you are now?

For me this is a great week to take stock of what worked in 2010, what didn't and what I want in my life for next year and what I want to get rid of. Scary stuff. Exciting stuff.

Last year I realized that no matter what "goals" I established for myself there was something internal holding me back. Unless I came to terms with was going on in my head and heart, I would forever fall short of accomplishing my goals. I mistakenly believed that accomplishing my external goals would make me happy. A light bulb went on and I decided to work on some of those limiting beliefs  - then I could accomplish anything I wanted.

My goals from last year:

So here are my goals for the 2010:

I've resolved to keep my promises to myself.
I've resolved to honor my writing process.
I've resolved to not let the fear of failure hold me back.

I think I did a good job of the first two.
Treating myself better, giving the internal editor and constant perfectionist a break.
And I stayed true to my own writing process. Writing what I like at a slow and steady pace. No jumping on the NANO bandwagon or ditching my alpha males for the more politically correct beta male.

However, the last one still needs work. So, I'll be mulling that over and deciding what I need to do to accomplish all the things I want for my life in 2011 and beyond.

Do you make resolutions? Writing? Weight? Exercise? Or something deeper?

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