Monday, May 21, 2007

Hurry Up

My usual Monday panic has set in as I contemplate all the things I have to do - writing related and otherwise.

I want to have my proposal in the mail by the end of the month. So I have to key in my revised synopsis then send it to a critiquer for a once over. I read through my proposal and I still have typo's and repetitive words that have to be fixed. I'll let the chapters sit for a few days and do a read through one last time.

Then I have to face the confusion of mailing protocol, return postage, etc., In the past I've skipped the discussions about postage, IRC's, etc because I wasn't at that stage - and it was just boring. But, now I have to hunt some of that info down.

My daughters want their rooms painted and I've bought all the supplies except for the paint. Still discussing paint colours. But I have to fill in the picture holes, tape the rooms up and get the ceilings done first. I've never painted before so we'll see how this pans out. I want to get them completed before the weather gets really warm.

What are you working on this week?


Christine said...

This week I seem to have a lot on my plate writing wise. Stories to finish, stories to start, stories to edit! I have to work today (Victoria Day) because it's not a stat holiday. :( So that will slow me down a bit. I'm also not feeling 100% so I'm praying I'm not getting sick.

I love painting! I usually get the obscenely bright Disney paint from Home Depot for their rooms. Have fun!

Annie Mac said...

Christine, this is one of the most confusing holidays. Sorry you don't have the day off.

My youngest picked a colour from the Disney paint and I love it. We're just debating if we want to add another colour and do circles on one of her walls.

julia said...

My non-writing plans include seeing "Spiderman 3" at long last (my head was in too bad a shape to handle a movie for the past few weeks.) Also, giving the lawn its first ceremonial mowing of the season. Various pulling of dandelions and buttercups from the flower beds.

Writing-wise, I have begun the hurculean task of plotting my novel. I'm not a plotter. Feel my pain.

annette said...

We have Disney's Baby Bee Yellow on our bedroom walls. It's a soft yellow with green undertones.

Was part of a relay team that was in the marathon on Sunday. It was a good time, despite the rain.

Saw Spiderman 3 yesterday. I liked it and so did hubby and kids, but they thought it was a bit cheesy.

Writing this week is going to be devoted to getting my contest submission ready. Eek!

Hope the writing, revisions and painting is going well! :-)

Annie Mac said...

Good Luck with the contest entry Annette, looking forward to reading both yours and Nikki's next week.