Tuesday, May 22, 2007

New Laptop

I know it doesn't look much like a computer does it? Friday afternoon I was checking out the prices of laptops, picking out options on the Dell website and doing some research on the various features to see what the price would be. I stopped off at a friend's blog and commiserated with her about her broken water pump and the fact the plumber hadn't shown up yet and she hadn't had water in two days. Fast forward a couple hours and I smell this burning smell in the bathroom and my bedroom. I follow the smell downstairs and towards the utility room. I flick on the light and there's a couple of inches of water on the floor - always a very bad sign. To make a long story short I had to have a plumber install a new hot water heater and pay overtime because it was the weekend.

So, instead of enjoying a new laptop I am the proud owner of a new water heater.


Christine said...

DOH!!! Oh Anne that's terrible. I hate it when life screws up our plans. :(

Kelly said...

Oh man! It's like the bad luck gods were mocking you.