Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Anne Needs

I got this from Julia and Kelly,

If you go to google and type in your name, followed by 'needs', you'd be surprised what comes up. Here's what I got:

Anne needs this yesterday.

The only thing I needed yesterday was gas because of all the driving I did.

Anne needs to win sexiest veg!

It's been a long time since someone thought I was sexy but I think this is a little too far even for me..

Anne needs help!!

Yes, I do. And you know what kind of help Anne needs?

Anne Needs a Job.

Yes, holding this guy's water bottle.

Anne needs to be where the action is

Just point me in the right direction...

Anne needs more lips

Everybody wants Angelina


julia said...

"Anne needs to win sexiest veg!"
"Anne needs more lips"
Those are hilarious!! So glad you Googled 'Anne needs'!

Kelly said...

Can I get a job holding that guy's water bottle too?!

Annie Mac said...

Kelly, you can hold his tool box.

Christine said...

I think he needs group support. I'll help too!