Thursday, May 24, 2007

Blogs RIP?

Are blogs a dying communication tool?

Yesterday I read the "good-bye" as of June 1 on Squawk Radio.
Today I caught up with Miss Snark's "the end" posted on May 20. Not that I visited Miss Snark very often because I wasn't convinced she was a legitimate agent. Even Kelly, who used to blog every day has cut back to only a few times a week.

What's going on? Have MySpace and FaceBook taken over? Or have writer's decided their time is better spent writing?

I use my blog to procrastinate. Right now I should be out mowing my lawn but it looks like it might rain. I wish it would so I could put it off for another day. All my neighbours were out yesterday mowing and weeding. I don't weed because I've made peace with my dandelions - it's all in your perspective whether something is a weed or not.

On the writing front I've rewritten my synopsis one more time, hunted down a place to purchase American Stamps for my return SASE and keyed in my last round of revisions to the MS.


Devon Ellington said...

I think sometimes people just burn out. It's a combination of not having any thing left to say, burn out, and time management.

I was reluctant to blog, but now it's an important part of my process.

I also look at it as "morning coffee" with friends and colleagues --a way to catch up and communicate.

Devon Ellington
Ink in My Coffee

Annie Mac said...

Thanks for stopping by Devon. And what a great way to phrase it, "morning coffee" with friends. That's exactly how it feels.

Christine said...

I'm still there for you Anne! I actually write my blog as I drink my tea in the morning (working my way down slowly to decaf).

And yes, I think people get burned out with the blog. I just ramble and don't worry about having anything particularly interesting to say. People seem to want to read it, so I'm happy to have them along. :)

julia said...

Since I'm still in the infatuation stage of blogging, I can't comment impartially.

Love your zen attitude to dandelions!

Kelly said...

I think in the beginning it's like all new things - it gets your full attention. But once it's not new anymore, your interest moves on to the next big thing and you get your perspective back. I found that's the way it was with me. I hit a point where I realized it was cutting into writing time and when that happened I had to decide - blog or write. Naturally I picked write. Now I blog a few times a week and that keeps me from running out of things to say!