Friday, June 1, 2007

The Boss's Demand

This is the July Desire from my online critique partner Jen Lewis. It's her first published book. She has two more Desire's scheduled and is working on a continuity series. I critiqued this book from start to finish, not that Jen needs much input since she's a fabulous writer, so I'm anxious to actually buy it in the store and see what the differences are.

Jen's one of my inspirations, she wrote a lot of manuscripts and never gave up. You can read about her road to publication at the PinkHeartSociety Blog .
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annette said...

That's exciting news! I read her bio on the eharlequin site and her book does sound good. LOL And since I'm now hooked on Desires (made a run to the UBS yesterday and stocked up)I'll be picking her book up when it's out.

julia said...

That's awesome, Anne! To finally have a former MS in your hand in book form.

Christine said...

This is very cool and I love the cover. :) I'll have to pick this one up for sure.

Kelly said...

That's great news! My on line critique partner's book comes out in September and I'm like you, I can't wait to see how the finished product comes out compared to the version I critiqued. It's great seeing friends make it - inspires me to keep going!