Friday, June 15, 2007

Eyeballs and TV

I had an eye appointment with my laser surgeon today and I did a bad thing - drove myself home with very wonky vision. I also have to go back next month for more surgery - bummer. The laser surgery is nothing - quick and almost painless. What I hate is the ruined day, I can't read or use the computer-something to do with the screen makes it pulse through my enlarged pupils. I can't even shop because I have these horrible clip on lenses that go over my glasses. Between the strange glasses and fumbling with my bank card and wallet, sales people think I'm crazy.

So, all I could do this afternoon was watch TV. Haven't watched daytime in ages but I caught up on at least four soaps, Oprah, Dr. Phil who had a guy on who weighed 1000lbs!!, Rachel Raye and Martha Stewart. I love Martha Stewart, even her show is pretty. And Dr Phil is skating close to the Jerry Springer mentality.

The writing got off to a great start on Monday but went down hill quickly from there with household emergencies, kid stuff and well drillers looking over my yard and giving me quotes on having a new well drilled - expensive but probably worth it not to run out of water in August. I also had to complete a very boring accounting class for my Professional Development requirements. Hard to believe I spent years studying that stuff. How in the world did I get through it? I had to force myself to read all the material.

I'm going to be doing something a little more fun tomorrow - looking at flooring and bathtubs.

My exercise and writing went by the wayside too, so it's back to both of them this weekend to make up a for a little of the slacker week.


annette said...

I've been thinking about getting lasar eye surgery, but it still seems too scary. However, I'd love to get rid of my glasses.

Don't be too hard on yourself. Life is like that sometimes. And you probably did lots of thinking about your story, which counts.

Have fun picking out house stuff!

julia said...

I like the image of you with wacky glasses, scaring the sales people with your bank cards and wallet. Makes you appreciate all the boring, non-wacky days!

Good luck with catching up on all your writing and exercise.

Annie Mac said...

I wish the laser surgery was to correct my sight but it's actually to do with preventing detached retinas. Seems like they could correct my visions at the same time though, after all they're right there. They would have happier patients.

Christine said...

That stuff scares me. My dad had a detached retina. Now they have to keep an eye on me because my eyes are just as bad.

I hope the writing comes along for you this week. :)

Annie Mac said...

Christine, it's good they're keeping an eye on it. Laser surgery is a miracle compared to the invasive eye operations they might need to do to correct detached retinas.