Thursday, June 21, 2007

Schools Almost Out

Exams this week, which means picking my oldest up at 11.30am, and really messes up my writing schedule and reminds me of the challenges of finding time when my girls are on summer break.

My oldest has a job which keeps her busy and means we are up early in the morning. I always say I'm going to get up and write for three hours before I have to start the taxi service but it never works out. Just not a morning person. I want to be.

This year I will be.

Three hours of writing every morning.

My goal: Complete Front Page Affair.

I also have to find something active to engage my youngest daughter. No soccer this year and she's spending more time on the computer. In the past she's been through summer tennis, swimming, dance and camp but none of those appeal to her this year. I suggested rowing or sailing but the look of horror that crossed her face said it all. Maybe I'll start hiking with her. She's too young to go the gym with me, she needs to be 15. But, I enjoy walking so it might be time to explore the city on foot. Lots of shops downtown she wants to go to, so I could use a walk in the city park as incentive.


Kelly said...

You get used to the early mornings, really. Just have the java close at hand.

Christine d'Abo said...

I need to get used to early mornings again. I really enjoyed the time and I got a lot of writing done. I just wish I could sleep through the night, then I'd be able to do it.

MyUtopia said...

There are lots of great volunteer opportunities available for young people

Ava Rose Johnson said...

I can't write in the morning. I just can't. The muse won't work for me.
My crit partner tells me I'm nocturnal and I think she's right.
Good luck with your goal!

julia said...

Good luck on morning writing. I'm completely nocturnal, but I've grown accustomed to writing on my morning commute on the bus. I find a seat, whip out my notebook and pen, and I've got 45 minutes' writing time five days a week. I also try to use the ride home, as well - seven-and-a-half hours of writing a week. So although I don't think of myself as a morning writer, I've developed into a sort-of one.

Annie Mac said...

Myutpia, volunteering is a great idea I hadn't thought of.

Thanks for the encouragement on the morning writing everyone