Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday Morning Focus

Back to WW this morning after a month away from meetings. Lost almost 4lbs since the last time I weighed in. Less than 3 lbs to go to hit the 20lb goal I set. I have to lose more but it's easier to wrap your mind around a smaller goal to start with. I'll have another 5lbs after that before hitting a BMI of 25, that will be the next step.

I'd slacked off the exercise last week because of the heat. I know the gym is air conditioned but the heat and humidity just sapped my energy. Plans for a nice long walk tonight. My sister bought me an athletes watch for my birthday, with a timer and heart rate monitor. Can't wait to use it. The machines at the gym record all that stuff but I like to make sure my walks/runs are strenuous enough to get the job done.

I sent my pages to my CP's yesterday and I'm starting to like this story more and have decided not to abandon it - at least not yet. I have the plots and H&h for the next two books percolating in my brain so that should spur me on to finish this one so I can get to them. My daughter wants me to name my next heroine Lola. Along with the name came an image of who she was - totally opposite to the very serious, and rather tragic hero.

The girls and I are off to see Hairspray this afternoon. My youngest loves musicals. She has a nice voice herself and was in the musical at school and would love to do more. Considering she's shy, it's quite an eye-opener to watch her on stage. When she gets that mike in front of her she just comes alive.

The writing plan this week: Recommit to 3pgs day - 20 pgs for the week.


annette said...

Congratulations on losing those pounds! A little bit more and you'll be at your goal. Yay!!

I'm curious to hear how you like Hairspray. Still trying to wrap my mind around John Travolta in drag. No Reservations was pretty good, if you get a chance to see it.

You know, Barbra Streisand is supposedly shy and Kim Basinger too. But both of them come alive when they're acting or singing. Sounds like it's the same for your daughter. Good for her for pushing herself out of her comfort zone. :)

julia said...

Sounds like a good daily/weekly writing goal. Just like your weight goal, in fact. I think you're onto something, Anne. Now if I could but do the same...

Kelly said...

Yay on the lost poundage. We are trying to get WW at Work, but if not a group of us might create our own group. Good luck with the writing goal!