Sunday, July 8, 2007

Seventy Days - 70,000 words

Check out Alison Kent's blog

She's issued a Seventy Days of Sweat - The writing challenge Signup and I've added my name to the list. My hands are sweating.

That means that I have to write 1,000 words a day, for 70 days. It should get me one completed Desire MS and a good three chapter proposal for a second one. I really want to have something else ready to send out when I get a response from the proposal I sent to Desire. That way if it's a form rejection I have something else to send.

I found two RWA contests with Desire Editors that accept electronic submissions and paypal, the Gateway to the Best and the Golden Rose. I don't have to mess with money orders and return postage, etc. which is a real pain when you are sending from Canada to US.

Friday I went back to writing long hand at the coffee shop and that seemed to get me over my perfectionist hump that was making me freeze every time I sat in front of the computer. I gave my self permission to write crap - and boy was it crappy - but at least I wrote.

Off to write my 1,000 words for the day. Wish me speedy writing.


Red Garnier said...

Speedy writing!!! Joined the contest too...seems like fun! =)

annette said...

Good for you!! I think I'm gonna sign up too.

That's great about the contests. Electronic submissions and PayPal are the way to go, IMO.

Christine d'Abo said...

I'm so happy you are joining the fun too! And it will be great to have a whole Desire ready to go.

Great news about the contests too. I love it when they have e-options for mailing and money.

julia said...

Great that you signed up! I took a pass because my head is like a football. And there wasn't even a party. Go, Anne, go!!