Wednesday, August 29, 2007


7 Days until school starts!

Haircuts and purchasing the last couple of school supplies we didn't get on our last trip to Staples is on our agenda for today. I love September - my favorite month. It seems like a new beginning - so hopeful. Also, an opportunity to get back into a routine, get the girls to bed early. And the weather is usually nice, so I can tackle the home stuff it's been too hot to get to this month. Looking forward to getting back into a regular walking/exercise routine, and making my writing a priority again.

Still haven't written a thing this week but I've been mulling the next scene over in my head. I'll be ready to write the rest of the chapter when I sit down.

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annette said...

Didn't the summer go by fast? LOL But I say that every year!

I mull most of my scenes over in my head before I write them. It seems to work best for me. Sounds like you might be the same way.