Monday, August 27, 2007

Back Home

Back from a few days away with my daughters, sister and Mom. Here's a picture we took from the South Shore of NS. The weather was lovely and all my kids kept asking was "Where's the mall?"

The diet took a bit of a beating so I'm back on the straight and narrow this week and I need to get back to the weights at the gym.

I picked up a blond doll named Lovely Lola - inspiration for a character in one of my future books with that name - she's dressed exactly like I envision my heroine. I also tore out a great picture of Eric Danes, shirtless, from one of my sister's magazines. My family thinks I'm a little weird.

Last week and a half of school holidays for the girls. Yeah!! We still have some school shopping to complete which means the Mall and that makes my kids happy and me want to cry.

Needless to say, no writing was done last week so this week's goal is to complete Ch 3.

Still haven't received my self addressed post card back from Sil. Desire. I have images of Canada Post employees passing around my three chapters and having a good laugh.


Kelly said...

I was with you up until the shirtless picture of Eric Danes and then my brain shut down from hormone overload. My family sees the pixs of Christian Bale posted in my writing room and thinks the same thing. I just tell them its part of the creative process and then pop in a CB DVD and tune them out.

julia said...

Amen to Kelly's comment, Sistah! Writer's need their inspiration.

annette said...

It's hard to write on vacation. I had good intentions, but they went out the window. Don't worry -- life will be back to normal, especially once school goes in.

LOL I can't wait to read about this Lovely Lola character. That doll has piqued my interest!