Thursday, August 2, 2007

What's Hot?

I originally called my WIP "What's Hot" but decided it wasn't a very 'Desire" title so I changed it to Front Page Affair.

The incident that gets the ball rolling in my current MS is a "What's Hot" list that my heroine does for a TV show. She names the hero as the "Hottest Bachelor" - he's sexy, rich, and according to his ex-lover wants to get married and have kids - which is a big, fat lie.

At our critique meeting last week we talked about the men we find hot. I LOVE Russell Crow - all that seething passion is hot. But one of my CP's didn't agree, they thought he was a jerk in real life. So, do we like the actor? Or do we like the role the actor plays?

McDreamy, played by Patrick Dempsey, doesn't do anything for me, but I think McSteamy, Eric Danes, is sexy - even though he's a player in Grey's Anatomy. He's actually the role model for my current hero, Josh Cambridge. Maybe I just like the bad boy in my fantasies? Because in real life I definitely stay away from them.

On the writing front:

I gave myself permission to write crap today. I completed my 3 pgs but I'm not too enthusiastic about it. These are the days I question what I'm writing. Would I be happier writing something else? Something a little more logical and less emotional, like a thriller? Or is this just those first 50 pgs blues where I'm questioning all my writing choices. When the 10 other plots I have hidden in my drawer seem so much more exciting than the one I'm slogging through now. I have my notebook opened and I hope to get back to a few more pages this evening.

I haven't received any response from Silhouette, no return postcard, no rejection... It's been a month.


Christine d'Abo said...

I like the characters Russle Crow plays, but not necessarily him as a person. Mind you, I think I'd be a bit of a jerk if I had someone trying to take my picture 24/7.

I'm sure you're just going through the first 50 page blues. Plus it's summer, and that's a hard time to write in.

julia said...

Russell Crowe is both hot and a great actor. Sometimes that combination means 'high maintenance'. Who am I kidding? That always means high maintenance. Too bad, so sad - for other people, not me. I don't have to know him, I can just enjoy his work. And when you're a writer looking for inspiration, to me it doesn't matter if it's the character or the actor who inspires you. Once the character comes to you, he's yours!

Kelly said...

I like Russell Crowe. I don't think he's an asshole, although I don't like his behaviour some times. Then again, i don't like my behaviour sometimes either. And I'm all over McSteamy. But Christian Bale is still the one that does it best for me. I like his intensity, that's generally what I go for.