Friday, September 21, 2007


The writing took a back seat this week to a sick daughter. She's been off school for four days and is worried about catching up with all her work. I'm just desperate to get her off the couch!

She's been to the Dr and is taking antibiotics but she's still miserable. Just hope the other daughter doesn't come down with it next week.

On the writing front, I'm having a great time researching the Toronto Film Festival. Front Page Affair takes place during it and I want to use some of the fancy parties as backdrop in several scenes. I love reading the blogs and getting the uncensored scoop on stars behaving badly. Or, stars that are funny and warm in real life.

I'm nearing the half way point in my book and am still on schedule to have it finished by the end of October.

Plan to buy a chainsaw this weekend and chop down some big branches and whittle down some overgrown trees. I'm not the most coordinated person in the world but how hard can it be?


annette said...

Hope you're daughter is feeling better. And that the rest of you don't catch it.

Umm, be careful with that chainsaw. But good for you, tackling that job on your own. :-)

Kelly said...

Hahaha...uh...I refuse to use a chainsaw for the same reason. I'm afraid I'd end up missing a limb.

Hope your daughter is feeling better soon!

julia said...

Chainsaws and 'how hard can it be'? I'm all for someone else, not me, finding out. The mistakes one can make are in the 'forever' category. Hope your daughter feels better - couches are comfy for an evening, not for days. Ugh.

I used to LOVE the Toronto Film Festival!! Even the standing in long line-ups was part of the fun. Generally a good vibe from everyone involved. Usually you'd meet interesting people in the washrooms - namely the director of the film you were about to see, sick with nerves. The response of the audience to the movie was always really exceptional. They got all the jokes, all the references, all the little nuances. Nothing whatsoever like going to a regular screening. Really, really fun, buzzing with excitement, more like a rock concert vibe but without all the cheering, etc. Though because it's a festival, and the main creative team was present, there was cheering at the end as in live theatre. Then the main creative team would come onstage for Q&A's.

Annie Mac said...

Thanks for the personal perspective on the TFF Julia.