Wednesday, November 21, 2007


I had great plans for today. I've had a busy couple of days as well as trying to write as much as I can. I'm attending a write-in tonight for my NaNo book so I thought I would work on the next couple of scenes for Front Page Bride, which I have all planned out. I also wanted to get a start on reorganizing my office which is overflowing with papers and school projects.

I also planned to go to the gym.

So, here I sit with my gym clothes on and my laptop open and I feel like pulling out Suzanne Brockmann's newest Troubleshooter book that I picked up from the library yesterday. It's not a very attractive cover, is it? I've been reading Romantic Suspense rather than straight Romance this month to keep me in the mood and inspire me with my own RS.

Writing flat out for three weeks has taken it's toll on my motivation to write. I've had to force myself to open the WIP the past two mornings and this morning I'm feeling restless and I'm having difficulty sitting still.

Maybe the best thing I can do for myself is take a break today.


Christine d'Abo said...

I know how you feel about needing the break. It was harder than normal to get out of bed this morning to write. I almost didn't make it. The good news is we're almost done! And you're doing fantastic, Anne. :)

annette said...

Sometimes you just need a breather. To recharge yourself mentally and creatively.

And judging by how well you did at the write-in, I'd say that little break worked for you! :-)

julia said...

NaNo Fatigue - it's hitting most of us, I think. Go, Anne, go!