Friday, November 23, 2007

It's Raining Words

I've just hit 34,500 words on my NaNo story.

Nikki browbeat us into wracking up the words during our write-in on Wednesday night. It was actually fun and I managed not to talk through it all. So, I think I'm allowed back. I wrote 3300 words. Kelly started me off by giving me the first line, "It was a dark and stormy night..."

The write-in was so successful I did one on my own today and wrote 32oo+ words. Today's scene was relatively easy(how often do you hear me say that?.) It was in the missing husband's POV. He's not dead after all and he had a very intense scene today.

One of the good things about writing single title is you get to add additional POV's. So far I have the Hero, heroine, murderer and the husband. I'm trying to write the scenes in the murderer and the husband's POV in a way that you don't know what sex the murderer is. I'll gradually let the cat out of the bag towards the end.

Now, I have to come up with 6,000 words over the weekend to keep me on track. If I get too far behind I'll lose my momentum to hit the 50,000 mark by Nov 30th.

I understand now why you take a completely new story for NaNo, one you're not already invested in. You really butcher the story writing it this fast. Character development is haphazard, research is ignored and any thought of what market the story is targeted to is out the door. You just write what you want.

It relieves the pressure you feel as a writer when your focus has been on writing a "publishable" book. Of course, no one actually knows what a publishable book is, especially one written by a novice. I do have certain ideas in my head about what sells to which publishers. And I'm very much aware of that as I plot out my books. Some people might want to write just for the joy of it but I want to sell, as well.

I'm also past the four month mark waiting to hear a response from Silhouette on the partial I sent for Front Page Bride. I decided not to phone and check on it during NaNo but the first week in December I'll be calling the New York office to see if it arrived. And next time I'm omitting the self addressed post card and opting for a shipping method that allows you to track it.

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