Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Don't Stand Too Close...

Just finished the next 60 pgs of my edits and sent them to one of my crit partners for a read through. I've been working on them nonstop since Sunday. I didn't even take a shower yesterday. Which presented a problem this morning since we overslept by a whole hour. I had to shovel out and drive the kids to school. My youngest was an hour late. My oldest barely made it to her first class.

I looked like hell and all I could think of is getting stopped by Officer Hottie - our cute local police officer that all the women from 14-70 ogle. Although he went through the drive-through where my daughter works with a cigarette in his hand so he's lost a few perfect points.

Anyway, by the time I got back home it was ten o'clock. I was already behind and I hadn't even had breakfast.

I have my three hour class tonight. I'm looking forward to it but wish it were a little closer drive. I was smart enough to call before I headed in to buy the book and they told me that there was no text book. Yeah! Don't have to fork out more money.

It's the first course I've taken through the community college. I've taken classes at four of the University's over my student career: Dal, Kings, The Mount and St Mary's. Now I can add NSCC to that list.

Not a writing class among them. That's odd isn't it? I have taken some unusual classes. I took Philisophy of Religion at King's and wrote a paper on the immortality of the soul - still don't know what I was talking about.

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julia said...

LOL Anne! On your Philosophy paper - which I'm sure is completely fascinating. Own your brilliance!