Monday, January 14, 2008

Hard Work

This editing is hard work. I simplified my external plot - or clarified it might be a better way to put it. But that leaves certain actions of the heroine in the middle of the book not as well motivated.

I rewrote Ch 9 a few times and kept all the versions on my computer. What a mix up trying to find the most recent copy. I need to make sure the next MS is saved cleanly with my final versions. I'm sure I spent a couple hours yesterday putting the pieces of Ch 9 and 10 together.

This week's goal is to finish the first round of revisions, get them out for critique.


I've lost 4 lbs and managed to make it back to the gym yesterday. I'll ease back into the exercise so I don't pull any muscles. I have a tendency to go all out the first day back and cripple myself for a week because I overdid it.

This week's goal is 3 gym visits. 40 mins of cardio. I'll add the weights back the following week.


Anonymous said...
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Kelly Boyce said...

Easing back in sounds like a good plan! I managed to get off what I put on over the holidays so I feel better. I'm still revising, revising, revising...sigh. I can't wait until we're both done that and send the things off. I want to start something new!!