Friday, March 7, 2008

It's in the Mail

I sent my full manuscript off to Desire this afternoon. Of course, after checking everything three times and making sure I had it all looking nice and professional I forgot one important thing. I forgot to write "Requested Material" on the envelope. Urgh. Oh well.

I'll put that MS out of my mind now for six months and focus on the next project.

I have all kinds of ideas for new books and next week is March break. I'll need to set a schedule that gets me away from the kids so I can get some writing done. I have lots of house projects and cleaning to do, now that Spring is around the corner. I have fantasies of making enough at my writing to be able to afford a housekeeper. It's one of those things I am really bad at. Not just bad but unspeakably bad. Atrociously bad.

My oldest daughter received her acceptance letters this week from the Universities she applied to, along with offers of entrance scholarships. I'm a proud mom.

I'm off to have dinner with my Crit partners and I have pages from all of them to read. It'll be fun to talk about someone else's writing.


Annette said...

Woohoo!! Huge congratulations on getting your manuscript off. I've got everything crossed for you!

And congratulations to your daughter! With the cost of university these days, that's wonderful about the scholarships.

Whew! I'm also bad at housekeeping and always feel like I can't have anyone over unless I spend a day or so doing intensive cleaning.

I think we just have too many other important things going on, like becoming bestselling authors, to worry about dust bunnies, don't you think? :-)

Julia Smith said...

I'm with Annette's philosophy on the dust bunnies. In fact, this is my mantra:

Big congratulations to you for your sent-out MS, and to your daughter for her university acceptance and scholarship offers!!

Annie Mac said...

Thanks Annette and Julia.

Kelly Boyce said...

Congratulations on all fronts - getting the ms out, starting a new project and your daughter's acceptance letters and scholarships! You must be doing the happy joy dance all over the house. Well deserved!!